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Two Days From Kayrin’s Departure

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Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center

First Thoughts

Two days from Kayrin’s Departure and I am feeling it. Last night Kayrin and I were in her bedroom; she was trying to finalize her suitcase. I can see the stress on her face but she won’t admit it. I have to admit, I had no idea what this would feel like. She is my oldest leaving home. I have no idea how to comfort her, I have no idea what is going through her mind. It is driving me crazy; so much so that I did not sleep well last night.

The Adversary

It is pretty impressive how the adversary can get to you, even in the best of times. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that Kayrin will learn and grow during this 18 months that she will be away from home. Yet the adversary makes me think of things even past that, things that should be positive get turned to heartbreak. No matter how manipulating the adversary is, I know Kayrin and I are both stronger.

Spirit of Comfort

With the extra work I have been doing to improve my relationship with Heavenly Father I believe it is easier to feel the presence of the Spirit even when things are difficult. This weekend as we went to visit family so Kayrin could have her final “see-ya-laters” there were several opportunities for me to feel the Spirit.

The Cash Escape

My favorite time from this weekend was when I left my little dog with my grandmother so we could go to the mall. His name is Cash, and he escaped. Since I was no where to be found and he was in a panic; as soon as that door opened Cash darted out the door and started running…FAR FAR away. My grandmother calls me to tell me he escaped, she sounded so worried.

I reassured my grandmother that it would be fine and that this was not the first time Cash had run away from being scared. Once we arrived back at grandma’s house we started walking the streets and I felt like I needed to go get into the car. My youngest daughter, Jo Jo, and I jumped in and drove a block when I was prompted to pray. After saying a short humble prayer we turned the corner and seen Cash running full speed towards us down the road. It took him a minute to realize that it was me but once he did he wiggled and cried, jumped back in the car and we went back to the house. The search lasted all of 10 minutes before the little dog was found and all was good.


I realize that some may not connect the dots but this incident was the adversary trying to find something to make us upset and make this time more difficult. I know that my faith in my Heavenly Father is why we did not have to endure more challenges than what we are currently facing in telling Kayrin see-you-later for 18 months.

No Matter What

In my efforts to comfort myself I looked up where Kayrin would be staying for training (the picture at the top). I have to say…I think this picture gave me a little more anxiety, it is so big! I know Kayrin is going to have the time of her life and I cannot wait to see what is in store for her.

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