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Kayrin Head

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The first week I did not receive any photos of Kayrin so I did not really know how she was doing. I finally got to speak with her on Thursday, we got to speak for an hour, made this momma happy.

The Call

Kayrin originally planned on calling while she was working out around 2pm, 3pm my time. I was excited when she called me at 9am! Of course it was not the most convenient but I was not missing my call! I went and hid in a conference room so I could give my undivided attention.

First Picture

This picture of the scriptures and letter to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is the very first picture Kayrin sent to me. I was excited and disappointed at the same time. When I finally got to talk to her I told her that a Kayrin head was missing.

Letter to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
So Happy!!

Why the Letter

This letter is of great importance to Kayrin. She has changed her name from Harrison to von Mayer so that she could release the stress that was tied to the Harrison name. She was able to successfully change her name legally but realized that her Patriarchal Blessing still had the Harrison name that haunted her. After discussing with mentors at the MTC, Kayrin learned the process she needed to go through to get her name changed on the record. This letter is one of those steps, she explains her request to change her name and why.

So Happy!

I cannot believe how great she looks! She is so happy to be at the MTC and having this experience. She noted that her companion was struggling with the absence of her parents.

I found it funny that both Kayrin and I have been telling the same story. I have not been missing her too much because this is not the first time that we have been apart for more than a month. Now, if you ask us in a few months how we are and if she is homesick , it may be a different story. For now, Kayrin is doing fantastic and learning so much.

Favorite Thing at the MTC

Kayrin mentioned two things that she absolutely loves at the MTC, the first being the FOOD!! It almost sounded like I starved her or maybe she does not like my cooking. I know that is not the case. I am glad she is enjoying the food there.

Kayrin also loves the pictures at the MTC. She said that sometimes she will sit and examine the murals because they are so beautiful. She sent me several pictures of them.

Packages Received

Kayrin received two packages during her first week. She received a green package for St. Patrick’s day from one of the mom’s on the Missionary Momma’s Facebook page but was confused how her name got on this. She was very grateful for the jester, it helped her to settle in.

The second package was actually from her friend of five years who lives in Provo. She made it sound like he tried to break the rules and hand deliver it but she loves it nonetheless. She received a light fury. I don’t know how she is going to pack that thing around, but she is happy.

Light Fury Package

Temple Day

Temple Day at Provo Temple

On her first P-Day Kayrin went with her group to the temple and I finally got my first Kayrin head photo! The funny part, she has so many new clothes and she choose to wear this dress. I originally ordered this dress for me but I look like a big easter egg in it. Kayrin loves this dress so much…so much so apparently, she wore it to her first temple trip in Utah.

Surprise Kayrin Head

Today, I received this AWESOME Kayrin Head picture. I just love how happy she is how she is thriving before even leaving the MTC.

My Testimony

I may not get as many Kayrin Head photos as I would like but I know Kayrin is doing the Lord’s work. With as much work as she doing and studying I am so proud of how quickly she is growing. I know that these rapid changes I see in Kayrin is because of the Lord’s influence in her life. I am thankful that we are able to send her on mission and she has this opportunity to grow and become an independent young woman.

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