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College Stress Affects Many

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College stress includes students, instructors, staff members, and any third parties who associate with the school. Student stress does not stop at the student. Sometimes we forget about who all is affected by student stress and where that stress comes from.

Student College Stress

This semester has been an eye opener for me as a instructor. I had a student who was under so much stress it ozzed everywhere. It was so difficult knowing there was nothing I could do to help and I had to add to the existing stress. Stress comes from home, work, and school and sometimes explodes in the classroom. I surprised myself from how I handled the situation and was able to assist my student in passing my class.

Instructor College Stress

I felt like there was so much much for me to be stressed over, so much that could happen for me to look bad. I was the guilty party in forgetting where one’s stress comes from and who is affected by it. I was so happy when I graded my student’s final to see a passing grade. I don’t know that I could have made things easier or that I could apply the same method with future students. I am confident that I can continue to be the best instructor I know how to be and support my students the best way I know how.

Next Semester’s Goal

College stress does not have to be the focus of every semester. I truly believe that there is always room for improvement and I hope that I can can be a better instructor next semester. I hope my current students know how important much their success is to me. Most importantly, I hope I can positively touch the lives of more many students in the future.

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