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April Update

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I realize that I have not posted an update on sister von Mayer for some time. A lot has happened and God continues to bless and protect our family. I will try to keep things in order as much as possible.

Entering the Field

The adversary is hard at work in the von Mayer family. When Kayrin first entered the field from the MTC she was struggling. The adversary gave her the gift of nightmares, her worst fears in the form of nightmares.

Karyin told her companion about the nightmares and their subject matter; she even mentioned that she wanted to come home and did not feel like a missionary because of these awful nightmares. Her companion told her to wait until the next zone meeting and ask for a blessing. Fortunately, because we are able to talk to our missionaries on a weekly basis Kayrin also told me of the events that were happening and how awful she felt.

In her tearful state I reminded her that zone leaders are not the only ones who hold the priesthood and she could ask anyone who has the authority to give a blessing for a blessing. I also reminded her that her companion is her age, she too is also learning to adult and she does not yet know everything. After we finished the phone, less than a half hour later I received this text:

Chatting with Family

I really wanted to make sure to make Kayrin smile on our next chat so I decided to add some company! I did not tell my dad that we would add him to the call but boy did we get a bigger laugh than we thought. We had so much fun chatting and laugh so hard. What made it funny? See for yourself:

I don’t know if they just cannot see what is on their phone or if they don’t know how to hold it where they are not close enough we can see the pores on their face. We can even see up Emma’s NOSE on the left! Most of the conversation with grandpa was really a conversation with the top of his head! Gotta love the rents!

We thought it was funny enough that I decided we all needed to squish up to the camera so we could be like them. Kayrin ended the call on a super happy note setting a good tone for the week.

New Way to Count

My mom came to town the weekend before my birthday and bought me a solar flower. I never really noticed them but I love them! I love them so much that I decided to start a new way to count the months Kayrin is away. I plan on placing a new solar flower in our rock mess for every month Kayrin successfully serves in the field. My mom purchased my first flower, Jo and Kayrin love them too.

Flower a month

This month’s flower goes out in a week!

Birthday Call

I was very surprised when my phone rang on my birthday and my beautify missionary was on the other end. She was so happy and had a lot to talk about. She even reported her first investigator.

First Investigator

Kayrin told me how her and her companion thought they were going to go pick up their bikes so that they could ride them to their next appointment. However, when they got to the bikes they noticed that one of the tires were flat and they were not going to be able to ride.

During their walk to the next appointment they met a woman on the streets who was blissfully unaware of the gospel and the Book of Mormon. The sisters were able to bare testimony and set an appointment to meet with her again. Kayrin was beaming with delight. I loved seeing her so happy.

Surprise Text

I was having trouble sleeping last night and then I received a text from a number I did not have programed in. To my delightful surprise this picture was on the other end from a sister in Utah who was kind enough to send it to me. Thank you Diane!!

My Testimony

Regardless of the trials and burdens we are faced with while Sister von Mayer is on her mission, I know that the Lord is taking care of us. I am thankful that we have been given the privilege to allow our daughter to serve the Lord. I will endure anything to serve the Lord and allow my children to serve him as well.

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