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A Year of Service

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This is year has not been anything for the record and I fear that I may have forgotten some of the most important things. In effort to change the fate of 2019 I am dedicating as much of it as possible to service. I don’t want to to overwhelm myself so I have identified 52 “simple service” opportunities so that I may complete one project for each week; in no particular order:

  1. Write letters to soldiers.
  2. Write letters to missionaries.
  3. Write the mail carrier a thank you card.
  4. Give birthday cards and gifts to people I barely know.
  5. Do something nice for a family member.
  6. Make birthday cards for foster kids.
  7. Adopt a grandfriend.
  8. Deliver meals to homebound individuals.
  9. Buy a stranger’s drink.
  10. Do something off someone else’s to-do list.
  11. Donate blood.
  12. Donate bone marrow.
  13. Complete a 5k for a good cause.
  14. Take treats to the fire station.
  15. Drop off a candy gram at the police station.
  16. Leave a gift for a neighbor.
  17. Place flowers on random cars.
  18. Hide eggs with affirmation notes around Easter time.
  19. Let someone go in front of me.
  20. Send flowers to someone.
  21. Make kind over matter Lolliflowers
  22. Take flowers to a nursing home.
  23. Make quilts or blankets to donate
  24. Make purses or jewelry from recycled material.
  25. Volunteer at the local pantry.
  26. Host a free resume workshop.
  27. Find a nonprofit to volunteer with. (not the same as pantry.
  28. Take photos at an event and donate them.
  29. Organize a community service project.
  30. Recognize veterans in the community.
  31. Make get well cards.
  32. Contact local rescue and sponsor an animal.
  33. Leave bottles of bubbles in random places.
  34. Pay for the order behind me.
  35. Scatter wildflower seeds.
  36. Write inspiring notes and leave them in random places.
  37. Tape microwave popcorn to media box.
  38. Tape money to a vending machine.
  39. Place coloring books and crayons in hospital waiting room.
  40. Make kindness rocks and leave in random places.
  41. Tape quarters to gum ball machine.
  42. Assemble homeless bags and distribute to those standing on corners.
  43. Play “Ding Dong Ditch” with DING DONGS!
  44. Take Get Well Balloons to the local hospital.
  45. Buy a gift card and give it to the person behind me.
  46. Leave husband love notes in random places around the house.
  47. Send out thinking of you cards.
  48. Put something on Craigslist for FREE!
  49. Buy two of something I love and give one away.
  50. Give someone a “heart attack.”
  51. Place flowers on an empty grave.
  52. Figure out one without a list!

I reserve the choice to change any of these and I will make my best effort to post my efforts. 🙂

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