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Friday / Apr 05, 2019 /

Family All Around Us

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This week Kayrin left the MTC on Tuesday so there will probably be no phone call this week. I suspect that her P-day has changed to Monday and I am looking forward to hearing from her then.

Family at the MTC

Kayrin is breaking the rules again, as she was so excited to tell me that she found a family member at the MTC. She sent me a text message explaining that the sister, Sister Horner, she was on splits with at the MTC is her 9th cousin removed. Then she sent a screen shot.

Found a Park

On the last call I had with Kayrin she mentioned that there was a Park 900 foot from her and she could not wait to see it. I figured there was a park on the MTC grounds, I did not think much about it. I told her that when she gets there to make sure she took a picture of her at the Park. Here is her picture at the Park:

Elder Parks

Why Elder Parks?

Those of you in the family on my father’s side probably will understand. We are connected to the Parks line. So this is all exciting, right??? Well, I am sure Kayrin does not know that much about Elder Parks, maybe not even his first name. I will update this in a future post when I learn more about who Elder Parks is and where we are connected.

Last Day at MTC

One last day to break some rules right? I got these pictures from Kayrin on her last day at the MTC. These are all the missionaries in her district. I imagine since they are all going out at the same time they probably will not end up as companions for the next 18 months. I can only hope that Kayrin thought about trading contact information so that she can keep her new friends she made while training at the MTC.

Arriving at the Mission Home

I was surprised to receive an email from the Utah Provo mission secretary announcing her arrival. The message was short and sweet but had a great picture attached.

Arriving at the Mission Home

My Testimony

I cannot believe it has already been three weeks since Kayrin arrived in Utah. That is almost an entire MONTH! My spirit is calm and things are more comfortable than expected at home.

Lesson Learned This Week

One things that stood out to me this week in my scripture study is how important a mother’s influence truly is. The book of Ezra talks about how the people had to “put away” their wives and children of those wives because they were of a strange people. I did not really understand what it meant to be put away then I did not understand why the children were also put away.

To Put Away

After doing research and discussing with the sisters I study with I learned that when the people “put away” their wives it meant that they were expected to divorce their wives and children. When the men married the “strange women” the women were not converted and were allowed to teach the children to worship they did, including worshiping idols.

The Point

I taught Kayrin about Jesus Christ and God’s love. I overcame the guilt that washed over me the day Kayrin walked into the Clayborne’s house unable to identify who Jesus Christ was. Now Jesus Christ walks along side of her each day she is serving him on her mission.