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My First 2019 Service Opportunity

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I made a list of the service I plan to complete in 2019 and have already went off the list. I think that as long as I keep my eyes open to identify new opportunities they will come more easily than I expected.

The Opportunity

My family was given the opportunity to service a family by helping them move into a new house. They have been blessed to move their household of six (I think) from a two bedroom apartment to a house that has enough room for them and and a new pet.

I don’t think the service opportunity was moving the family. I think having the opportunity to listen was both a service opportunity and a learning opportunity. Sometimes you get a glimpse into how Heavenly Father works in other people’s lives and you truly get to see the love love the Lord.


As we moved Lisa’s family I was reminded how much Heavenly Father does for children. Lisa has been through a lot in her life. She shared how she has tried to get out of an apartment for years but has only been able to recently access the resources to move into a clean environment large enough for her entire family.

Lisa has a heart of gold and gives all that she has to ensure the well being of her nephews. The boys are so happy to have a new place to say with one of the boys saying “the new house is AWESOME!”

To see how excited Lisa’s nephew is just reminded me how thankful I should be for the blessings that Heavenly Father has given my family and me. I know what it is like to want the world for my children and how it feels to struggle. I am so excited for Lisa and the new adventure she will experience as her relationship with Heavenly Father grows.

Lady at the Front Desk

I gave Christmas gifts to several individuals at my work and many of those who I gifted to has opened up a little to share a little more of their life stories. The lady at the front desk, I don’t remember her name so we will call her Debra, was one of those people. Her heart is also full and unmeasurable.

Debra took on a lot of responsibility when she lost her best friend in her twenties. Her friend had a 14 year old daughter, we will call her Karen, who had no place to go. The family was going to let the daughter go into the foster care system so that they would not have to care for her.

If you know anything about the foster care system it is often difficult for older children and they age out of the system when they are 16. Once a child ages out they may be put into an independent living facility for youth, similar to a half-way house, and are taught how to be independent.

To save Karen from the fate foster care would bring her, Debra adopted her at the age of 28. Debra raised her as best as she knew how, married, had children of her own; and put Karen and her children through college. Karen is now married and on her way to having children of her own.

Impact on Me

Both of these women have touched my heart in unexplainable ways. I truly believe that it takes special people to do grand, selfless, things. I would like to think that I too would be able to take on these types of challenges without question but I don’t truly know the answer. I hope that by focusing more on service in 2019 I will be able to come close to being the person that I want to be.

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