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Kayrin Received Her Call!

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Kayrin received her call! She submitted her papers on December 1, for her birthday and after waiting two and half months, it is finally here!

The text

On the way to work this morning I was listening to my scriptures and after I said my daily prayer while driving. We have been waiting so long that I finally verbally prayed that we would receive the call today and that Kayrin would be excited about where she is going.

Once I got to work everything was going as normal and I was getting a little slow needing a little boost. At 10:44 I received a text message from the bishop stating that Karyin had been assigned to a mission and that she should be receiving her call in the next day or two. At 10:50…Kayrin CALLS me to tell me she received a text message that links to the letter she is to open!

The phone conversation was short but emotional. Kayrin told me she received the text and that the message was in Spanish! So we are very hopeful that she is going foreign. I told her that we would open her call at 6pm so that Bill could get home. At the same time, we both were holding back tears of excitement.

After I hung up the phone my heart was/still is racing and I told everyone in my cubicle area at work that Kayrin received her call but still too excited to work I walked downstairs to the rest of my team and told them that Kayrin received her call. Standing there like a goofball I decided I should leave and told them thanks for listening. All of my coworkers are excited to find out where Kayrin will go but completely amazed of how a mission works.

I called to tell Bill and realized that he gets home early on Tuesdays so we actually get to open her letter at 4:30. I will be leaving work at 3:30 so that I can get home and find out where my daughter will be serving a mission for a year and half.

I am so proud that Kayrin has chosen to serve the Lord for a year and half. I know she will grow spiritually and emotionally. I cannot wait for what is in store for her. I will make another post this evening after she opens the letter to record my thoughts.

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